About Dave

Dave Rader’s roots run deeply in Tulsa and specifically, in District 39. Dave was raised, baptized, and attended school in the district starting at Franklin Elementary on Yale Ave (now Tulsa Street School), and on to Will Rogers High School and the University of Tulsa, both being just across the street from District 39. Dave and his wife, Janet, mark a number of wonderful family milestones in the district. They were married in District 39 over 40 years ago, their third child was born in District 39, their first residence was in District 39, and for all but two years it’s been the only district in which they’ve ever lived in Oklahoma!


Dave’s history with the Republican party is nearly just as long. He registered as a Republican while he was in high school at Rogers, and has always been devoted to the party’s mission and causes. Dave likes to call it ‘Tulsa conservative’, a political and personal philosophy that he says has been strongly influenced by his living in the district.

It is the core of those conservative values that motivated Dave to first represent District 39 in the Oklahoma State Senate. First and foremost, he believes the most important issue in our culture today is the right our forefathers chose to list first in our Declaration of Independence, “… Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”. Dave has always been pro-life and will staunchly defend that God-given right as your State Senator.

Dave is a firm believer in the Bill of Rights and is committed to upholding its precious freedoms. Freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and the 10th Amendment limiting the reach of the federal government into matters reserved for states and individuals are foundations of Dave’s political prism.


There are many challenges in Oklahoma today, and it will take bold, decisive, and effective leadership to successfully meet them. Dave’s vast and varied experiences have him uniquely qualified to do that. As the head football coach at the University of Tulsa, Dave met and developed constructive relationships with numerous civic and corporate community leaders. He has also held positions in the private sector, gaining valuable expertise in the worlds of information technology, road construction, and energy. Dave also has extensive experience working with non-profit groups such as the John 3:16 Mission, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Heritage Family Services, Will Rogers High School Community Foundation, and First Baptist Church of Tulsa.


Dave’s vision for a prosperous future for Oklahoma revolves around three primary areas: jobs, education, and transportation.

Oklahoma has abundant low-cost energy, water, and good, hard-working people. Those are great building blocks to future prosperity. But Dave believes that Oklahoma’s bright future must be driven by an ever-increasing job market and that the state government can and should be instrumental in that effort. Retaining and creating jobs, and helping find work for those who want it are high on Dave’s priority list.

Quality education is equally important. All citizens should have equal access to education. That involves our school systems and vocational training, as both effectively strengthen the workforce and make Oklahoma an attractive location for corporations, businesses, and entrepreneurs. Jobs and education go hand in hand.

The third piece of Dave’s platform is transportation. Every family, every business, and every tourist in our state should be provided safe and reliable roads. Maintaining a superior transportation infrastructure—good roads, bridges, and highways—is vital to commerce and illustrates a thriving and successful economy.

Finally, Dave is committed to bringing high-quality healthcare to our state and community. He fought insurance companies and used legislation to make sure they provided full coverage for autistic needs and dental. He will not let Oklahoma’s health care fall behind.


Since becoming your state Senator, Dave has sponsored landmark legislation that frees developers and businesses in Tulsa from excess regulation, including SB 733, which allowed Tulsa County to function with 3rd party inspectors like the rest of the state. He also sponsored an extension of a tax incentive that helps development in Oklahoma, and specifically, Tulsa, continue to progress.

To better take care of our community healthcare needs, Dave sponsored SB948, making insurance companies pay for dental coverage and requires coverage that include providers of certain, autistic needs. SB 848 helps doctors treat chronically pained patients more freely, but also insists that the Oklahoma State Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control to submit a report and keep researching to the opioid crisis in our communities.

Additionally, Dave had a huge win for patient's rights in the passage of SB 509, which gave patients and their doctors the ability to first set protocol for the patient’s step therapy with regard to needed medicines.


The city of Tulsa and its people have been a blessing to Dave and his family. Dave is self-employed and lives in Tulsa with his wife of 40 years, Janet. They have 3 children, and 6 grandsons and 1 granddaughter; Daniel married to Deidra with sons Jett, Jax, and Knox; Jordan married to Emily with son J.D., daughter AnnaBelle, and son due March 2019; and Kendal married to Michael McMahon with son Meyers. Dave is proud of the opportunities he’s had to make a real difference in the lives of our neighbors, friends, and families while in the Oklahoma State Senate, but his pledge still stands; Dave will work for a future that is full of promise for Tulsans and continue to represent the district the same way he has lived his life—with integrity, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to his guiding principles.

More About Dave

Will Rogers High School Hall of Fame, 1988
Outstanding Young Oklahoman, 1989
Independence Bowl Hall of Fame, 1999
Kodak Region 4 Coach of the Year, 1991
AFCA Football Issues Committee (1992-95)
AFCA Ethics Committee (1996-98)
National Football Foundation & Hall of Fame Oklahoma Chapter Merv Johnson Integrity in Coaching Award, 2008
Tulsa Public Schools Athletic Hall of Fame, 2014
University of Tulsa Athletic Hall of Fame - 1991 Team, 2013
Coached the most games in the University of Tulsa history